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We use quality products for your construction sites.We offer you a wide choice for a personalized project. We have a guarantee during our interventions. Our team of professionals is at your disposal to advise you.

Renovating an old house is not easy. For some, everything will have to be redone and for others only a few small jobs will have to be realized.Whether your old house is stone, brick or earth, you have to take into account the original materials and the authenticity of the place. Former farmhouse, abandoned barn, industrial building...To successfully complete your renovation - from the change of windows to the rehabilitation of the soil.

"The Rénovert advisors will accompany you and help you to define your renovation project according to your needs."


Renovation-Construction Company SGM Top Construction SA: A renovation of the flooring must be carried out in accordance with a certain number of operations. This involves different steps depending on the installation and type of your flooring (solid, floating or laminate). Our parquet specialists put their know-how and experience at your disposal and will be there to diagnose the condition of your floor to be renovated and to propose you the solutions best suited to your needs through a free and precise estimate.


Renovation-Construction Company SGM Top Construction SA: Your expert bathroom consultant SGM Top Construction projects every bathroom transformation on request, Under the direction and coordination of the construction manager of SGM Top Construction. The foreman of SGM Top Construction will show you the benefits and costs of the complete renovation. This guarantees a high level of quality and respect for your budget renovation. In that case, SGM Top Construction always takes control of all costs and warranty.


Renovation-Construction Company SGM Top Construction SA: Renovating its kitchen, relooking its cabinets, updating the counter, optimizing storage, maximizing its space ...All this is exciting but where to start? Which cooking style to choose: classic, country, rustic, contemporary, modern, European? Opting for corner kitchen cupboards, drawers or a sliding storage? Close the cabinets up to the ceiling or not? Being the room of the house where we spend the most time, a reflection is necessary for each of these aspects.

Floor tile

Renovation-Construction Company SGM Top Construction SA: We are specialized in the sale and installation of tiles,Large size tile, cheap tile but very good quality. An excellent value for money. We deliver throughout France, Belgium and Luxembourg.The competence of the managers of our stores allows them to meet your requirements of quality, layout and implementation. Whether you are particular, promoter, Architect or contractor, our network of tile store has the opportunity to meet your specifications, Quickly and very precisely.Polished tile, Semi-polished tile, Tiles Architect, Tiles Contemporary, Tiles wood effect, Tiles ultra-thin, Tiles metallic, Tiles black edition, Tiles Construkta, Tiles stair treads, Tiles sets, Create your own terrace and ...


Renovation-Construction Company SGM Top Construction SA: Carrying out masonry work is a business of Professionals because the techniques are different, Whether for mounting a partition, Build or demolish a wall, Pierce a wall, Renovate a building ...SGM Top Construction with experience in the renovation of apartments in Switzerland and with a qualified staff is at your disposal for all your masonry work. Very respectful of the delivery time, we realize for you a work of quality with beautiful finishes.

Doors and Windows

Renovation-Construction Company SGM Top Construction SA: The architecture of a dwelling corresponds to the people who live there. The type of construction but also the lines of doors and windows create the style and character of your home. SGM Top Construction doors and windows let you express your personal vision of the home. SGM Top Construction has this solution for you. To help you choose doors and windows amongst the multitude of shapes, colors and materials in keeping with your expectations in terms of architecture, design and comfort, SGM Top Construction offers several styles: studio, home pure, home soft and ambiente. We offer a durable solution against weather damage by installing aluminum, wood, PVC and maintenance-free profiles. Your Specialized Company covers your windows and doors special, added to measure, which protects and preserves them.


Renovation-Construction Company SGM Top Construction SA: We make free quotes, and tailor-made. All you have to do is to contact the various departments, whether for a wall, floor, decoration or painting. Take the dimensions of your surfaces to cover. For soil, count the length and the largest width. For wall, measure height and length.We are at your disposal, ready to answer all your questions, and establish your quotes. Our colourists can make all the colors you want.The colors are made on the spot in front of you and adjusted according to your wishes. You can come with a sample to find the color on our color cards. To be sure of your choice, You can borrow our catalogs from you. You can better imagine the final rendering, with the light of your interior, according to your existing decoration. You will get an insight on the spot, while taking the time to decide. You will get an insight on the spot, while taking the time to decide.

Renovation of facades

Renovation-Construction Company SGM Top Construction SA: Your façade represents the first protection of your home against the elements. Its maintenance is therefore essential for the durability of your home and therefore its valorization.Beyond the repair of technical disorders the renovation of your facade allows to enhance your property in time, either during resale, Or for the transmission of your home to your children. The treatment will be more or less important depending on the case, from a simple exterior painting to a façade refacing. You can take advantage of this renovation project of your façade to insulate your home, Outdoor Thermal Insulation will add value to your home by improving its thermal comfort. Consultants Rénovert are at your disposal to study your request for renovation of facade, and to advise you on the funding aids for these works ...

important: "This is an essential step in the design of your project. The Rénovert advisors are at your disposal to help you define the budget of your work and the corresponding financing. The price will be a firm and definitive amount which will appear in your Contract of Private Works. The only price changes will be those that you have chosen by amendment to the Contract. Once you have defined your project and the budget you are allocating, As well as the financing associated with this budget, we will accompany you in the creation of a preliminary project."


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