• Interior and exterior renovation

    SGM Top Construction SA is a company specializing in interior and exterior renovation. We put our know-how and our skills at the service of all your renovation projects ...

  • Magnifying a living room

    You will benefit from this extension to fit your interior ...

  • Renovation of facades

    Your façade represents the first protection of your home against the elements.Its maintenance is therefore essential for the durability of your home and therefore its valorisation ...

  • Renovation and Installation of Kitchen

    Renovating its kitchen, relooking its cabinets, updating the counter, optimizing storage, maximizing its space ...

  • Bathroom Remodeling

    Do you live in Switzerland and are looking for professionals to renovate your bathroom?

  • Renovation Doors and Windows

    The type of construction but also the lines of doors and windows create the style and character of your home.

Welcome to SGM Top Construction SA 

Renovation-Construction Company SGM Top Construction SA puts at your service its know-how in order to fulfill you in the art all the works of renovation building.

In concrete terms, our renovation works are being carried out on several stages, including the preparatory work and construction, Masonry, windows and doors, insulation, installation of sanitary ware, carpentry, wall and floor coverings, plastering, and painting.

Preparatory and start-up work includes the demolition and disposal of waste, as well as the renovation of exterior facades.

Masonry work includes the installation of a liquid screed, the installation of traditional cement and brick walls (earthenware modules), The separation and partitioning of space, the traditional masonry plaster for exterior and interior facades, as well as any reconfiguration, expansion and creation of viable and ancillary surfaces.

Our windows and doors work include the installation of windows and doors / windows, installation of interior & exterior doors + sliding doors, as well as finishing work.

From construction to renovation of buildings, we can intervene quickly and offer you an estimate adapted to your needs. We suggest you to present our activities in more detail during an appointment at your convenience.

We will not fail to provide you with a free estimate in order to obtain financial visibility on all your renovation works building. We will put all our expertise and our know-how in order to put you in place a renovation building to live up to your expectations.

We also offer technical assistance to your listening throughout the realization of your site, and we have considerable means to ensure any type of intervention.

What is Renovation?

Renovation refers to the operations by which a building or one of its elements sees its condition improved, by using new, modern materials to replace damaged or obsolete parts. Most often it is a new construction after total demolition. This demolition postpones the renovation of the restoration, reinstatement, and rehabilitation, which aims to reopen a closed place, or open but not to the latest standards. A renovation is sometimes part of a restructuring or restructuring plan.

Rénovation-Construction SGM SA
Rénovation-Construction SGM SA

The first issue is health, to get rid of a place (Even a closet) source of problems. If a place is unusable or simply insufficiently profitable (Case of a cinema), it can be optimized by an investment. The second issue is safe, up to the latest standards, in order to prevent risks and fines. In addition to safety and upgrading issues, significant energy savings can be made as a result of renovation.

"We manage all the stages of your renovation and construction projects, our staff is trained in all the necessary needs for the realization of your project."

Our services

"Thanks to our years of experience, the organization of our company enables us to meet the technical and functional constraints of the renovation professions."

Rénovation-Construction SGM SA


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Rénovation-Construction SGM SA

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Rénovation-Construction SGM SA


We make free quotes, and tailor-made. All you have to do is contact the various services, which ...


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